Building and Renovations

With a solid background in construction and engineering, combined with the experience of building homes and cottages, Bart and his team are able to provide his clients with helpful customized building and renovation advice. Sometimes, all you need is a helping hand to show you a few tips and techniques to get the job done right. We don’t just stop at a sale – we are here to help our clients with all aspects of their real estate needs.

We work with our builder clientele from start-to-end. As part of your core team we advise you on what to build, how best to build it, assist you with budget and profit projections, advise you on what ‘sells best’ in your project area, work with your designers to develop an interior and exterior that will maximize profits and we bring in our team to stage and sell for maximum profit with the most efficient sales strategy.

It starts with your dreams, vision and ideas! Building and renovations are exciting but also stressful, expensive and require significant experience. We will help you eliminate a lot of confusion, stress, and miscommunication that side track so many homeowner projects. We are here to help make the lives of clients easier and make your build or renovation exciting instead of a horror story. We help our clients build their dreams in many ways:

• Helping you Visualize and Realize your Dream Project
• Ensure your Goals are Strongly Established
• Make sure the Scope of Work meets your Investment Needs.
• Guidance with Municipal Committees (Committee of Adjustment)
• Guidance with Obtaining Building Permits
• Budgeting & Construction Financing
• Recommending Architects and Designers for your Project
• Recommending Builders and General Contractors for your project



Contact Bart Gojski and his team of real estate professionals to start building your dream home today! We are here to help.